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Open Access Research Article

BSA-Embedded Carbonate Apatite Enhances Chemotherapeutic Effect of Paclitaxel in vitro and in vivo

Tahereh Fatemian, Ezharul Hoque Chowdhury
Received: March 29, 2019; Published: August 15, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903090

Abstract: Among the strategies for enhanced pharmacokinetics and also pharmacodynamics of nano-formualtions is introduction of biocompatible materials to improve the capacity of the final product. With the aim to tackle drug loading and ultimate efficacy, incorporation of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) into carbo [...]

Open Access Review

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mitochondrial Abnormalities in Reproductive Medicine

Joep Geraedts
Received: April 8, 2019; Published: August 14, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903089

Abstract: Mitochondrial diseases represent the most common inborn errors of metabolism. The overwhelming majority of mitochondrial diseases (about 85 %) are caused by mutations of nuclear genes of oxidative phosphorylation. The remaining 15 % are caused by mtDNA mutations. The familial mtDNA mutations are exc [...]

Open Access Review

Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Testing in Diagnostic Oncohematology: Untangling the Knots

Ilaria Scarpelli, Fabienne Marcelli, Francesca Mattioli, Jacqueline Schoumans
Received: April 1, 2019; Published: August 9, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903088

Abstract: With the advent of next generation sequencing (NGS), genomic profiling of tumors has gradually been introduced into the clinical setting and become a standard in cancer care. NGS allows easier, faster and cheaper sequencing and commercially available panels enable the detection of single or global [...]

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Family History, Genetic, and Other Cause-Related Beliefs among Breast Cancer Survivors

M. Robyn Andersen, Kelsey Afdem, Marcia Gaul, Shelly Hager, Erin Sweet, Leanna J. Standish
Received: February 27, 2019; Published: July 26, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903087

Abstract: Patients’ lay theories about the cause of their cancer may influence patient behavior and adjustment, they have also been found to differ substantially from scientific evidence of cancer risk factors. This report describes beliefs about genetic causes of breast cancer, among 522 recently diagnosed b [...]

Open Access Original Research

The Evolution of DNA Typing in Agri-Food Chain

Melania Formisano, Giandomenico Corrado
Received: June 11, 2019; Published: July 23, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903086

Abstract: Background: DNA typing has revolutionised not only diagnostics and forensics but also how we can analyse food. A number of techniques have been successfully applied for DNA analysis of plant-derived food however, unlike forensics, no method has become universally employed. Methods: A keyword-based s [...]

Open Access Case Report

Constitutional Partial Proximal Trisomy 14q11.2 to 14q21: Two New Moroccan Cases and Review of the Literature

Hanane Merhni, Maria Zerkaoui, Abdelhafid Natiq, Aziza Sbiti, Thomas Liehr, Abdelaziz Sefiani
Received: July 25, 2018; Published: July 22, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903085

Abstract: Small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMCs), a major problem in clinical cytogenetics, are too small to be characterized for their chromosomal origin by cytogenetic banding techniques. Most sSMCs have not yet been correlated with a specific clinical syndrome, and genotype-phenotype correlation in [...]

Open Access Review

Preimplantation Genetic Testing for HLA-matching: An Overview of Clinical Application and Utility

Georgia Kakourou, Thalia Mamas, Christina Vrettou, Jan Traeger-Synodinos
Received: June 03, 2019; Published: July 22, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903084

Abstract: Preimplantation Genetic Testing for HLA-matching (PGT-HLA) has been one of the most controversial PGT applications, first reported in 2001. The procedure aims to identify an embryo that is not only healthy but also HLA-matched with a sibling in the family in need of haematopoietic stem cell transpla [...]

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Genes Coding for GPI Biosynthesis in Pneumocystis Experienced Relaxed Selection: A Follow-up Study

Luis Delaye
Received: May 5, 2019; Published: July 11, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1903083

Abstract: Background: Phylogenetic analyses shows that Pneumocystis species have coevolved with their mammalian hosts for millions of years. As a result, infection by Pneumocystis is species specific (i.e. a given Pneumocystis species can infect only a single species of host). This specificity suggests the ex [...]

Open Access Original Research

Individual Radiosensitivity in Lung Cancer Patients Assessed by G0 and Three Color Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization

Theresa Mayo, Barbara Schuster, Anna Ellmann, Manfred Schmidt, Rainer Fietkau, Luitpold V. Distel
Received: July 27, 2018; Published: June 26, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1902082

Abstract: Background: It is known that radiosensitivity is very individual. This can influence the tumor response and side effects in normal tissue after radiotherapy of cancer. Therefore we analyzed the sensitivity of a lung cancer cohort to see if they display a similar radiosensitivity distribution if comp [...]

Open Access Case Report

A De Novo Childhood Case of T-cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia with High Hyperdiploid Karyotype Carrying an Unreported Balanced Translocation t(X;5)(q26;q31.3~32) in A Male Patient

Walid AL-ACHKAR, Manar As’sad, Thomas Liehr, Adnan Ikhtiar, Abdulsamad Wafa
Received: August 14, 2018; Published: June 20, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.genet.1902081

Abstract: (1) Background: T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is an aggressive malignancy of thymocytes with multiple genetic abnormalities, accounting for 15% and 25% of newly diagnosed cases of ALL in children and adults, respectively. Notably, T-ALL has a 3-fold higher incidence in males. Cytogenet [...]