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Special Issue

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

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Guest Editor

Bill Maher
Professor, Institute for Applied Ecology, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT 2601, Australia
Research Interests: environmental analytical chemistry, heavy metals analysis, elemental analysis, organometallic chemistry

About This Topic

Biogeochemistry of trace elements in aquatic ecosystems

This issue will focus on studies that have investigated analytical methods and approaches  for measuring the biogeochemical cycling of trace elements in aquatic ecosystems.

This includes studies that have investigated:

  • The partitioning and movement of elements in ecosystems between air, water, sediments and biota
  • The changes in chemical forms of elements (speciation) as cycling occurs in ecosystems
  • The relationships of exposure-dose-response (s) in the uptake and cycling of elements by biota
  • Quality control and assurance issues in biogeochemical measurements

The significance of these studies, is that without appropriate methods fundamental questions on biogeochemical cycling cannot be addressed.

Planned Papers

Title: Soil Phosphorus-proton Coadsorption Studies and the Implications for Fertiliser Recommendations
Authors: Paul Taglieri, Paul Milham, Paul Holford and R. John Morrison