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Special Issue

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

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Guest Editors

Tapan K Bera, PhD
Senior Associate Scientist, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA
E-Mail: [email protected]
Research Interests: antibody engineering; immunotherapy; recombinant immunotoxin; multiple myeloma; BCMA; mesothelin


About This Topic

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics is a special issue focused on articles related to the molecular basis of cancer, discovery and preclinical development of novel therapeutic agents for cancer and preclinical studies of approved therapeutics. Those includes identification of new genes that are specifically expressed in cancer, targeted therapy of cancer, the immunotherapy, and the study of small molecule and protein drugs. In this special issue of OBM Genetics, we aim to the introduction of the latest research progress and novel models and technologies in molecular cancer therapeutics. There is no limitation on the article types, original research papers, reviews, editorial, short communications, case reports and perspectives are welcome for submission. We sincerely welcome authors in this field to contribute their excellent works to this exciting forum.

Planed Papers

Title: Establishment of drug screening platform in zebrafish and Identification of novel anti liver cancer small molecules with high efficacy and less hepatotoxicity and embryonic toxic than Sorafenib
Authors: Han-Syuan Lin, Yi-Lien Huang, Yi-Rui Stefanie Wang, Ya-Ting Yang, Hsu Tsu-An, Hui-Yi Shiao, Ming-Shun Wu, Gi-Ming Lai, Chiou-Hwa Yuh*

Title: The study of overexpressing wild-type and mutant AURKA induced hepatocarcinogenesis in zebrafish toward different therapeutic approach
Authors: Zhong-Liang Su, Wan-Yu Yang, Chien-Wei Su, Hrong-Dar Wang, Chiou-Hwa Yuh*