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Special Issue

Plant Genetics and Gene Analysis

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Guest Editor

Yuri Shavrukov, PhD
Senior Research Associate
College of Science and Engineering (Biological Sciences), Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
E-mail: [email protected]
Research Interests: plant genetics and molecular biology; molecular markers in plant biology.

About This Topic

Plants are important sources of human foods, animal feeds, pharmaceutical and other industries. Plants are also a chain of biosphere ecology, up-taking carbon dioxide and produce oxygen during photosynthesis. How we manage with genetics and gene analysis in plants? Plants are so differ from other living organisms with a lot of genetic specificities and unique gene structures and functions. However, the genetic principles remain the same as in human or other organisms.

The aim of the Special Issue is to show current status of our knowledge and research in plant genetics and gene analysis. The scope is covering wide and diverse scale of modern technologies, scientific approaches and research to understand better all aspects of genetics in plants including crops, native and commercially important plant species. Completed study and research in any aspect of plant genetics and gene analysis are encourages to be submitted to the Special Issue and we especially welcome multidisciplinary scientific papers, Reviews and Mini-reviews making clear and wider our views of the topic.