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Special Issue

Treatment of Dementia

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About This Topic

According to the recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), as for the global dementia prevalence, the number of people with dementia in the world is now approximately 35.6 million. It is forecasted to increase to 39 million by 2050. Dementia is increasing worldwide, but more than half (58%) of the patients are concentrated in low- and middle-income countries, and this percentage will rise to more than 70% by 2050. The total cost of treating dementia and social loss worldwide is over 50 trillion yen (US $604 billion) per year. In this special feature, we will introduce efforts all over the world, and would like to outline the latest treatment of dementia in the world, in addition to pharmaceutical approaches, control over insulin resistance, diets, exercise, communication with others, mindfulness and other psychological approaches.

Planned Papers

Title: Palliative Care in Dementia- when is the appropriate time to intiate?
Authors: SC Lim and Edward Poon

Title: Forgotten: Narratives of Age-Related Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease in Canada by Marlene Goldman, Book Review
Author: Julia Henderson, PhD

Title: Usefulness of the Long-Term Intermittent Hypoxic - Hyperoxic Training (IHHT) in Alzheimer’s type Dementia Treatment: Two Case Studies
Author: Arkadi F. Prokopov

Title: Parting with the concept of Alzheimer´s disease in senium.
Authors: Kalvach P., Vogner M.

Title: Multimodal Treatment for Dementia: Collaborative Research with the NHS, Functional Medicine and Lifestyle Change
Authors: Dr. Garuth Chalfont, Dr. Jane Simpson, Dr. Sarah Davies, Dr. Leigh Willoughby, Dr. David Morris, Professor Christine Milligan



Does Dementia Increase the Risk of Dental Decay?

Robert J Emanuel
Received: January 09, 2019; Published: March 21, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.geriatr.1901040

Research Article

Key Dimensions of Therapeutic Lies in Dementia Care: A New Taxonomy

Rachel Mills, Louisa Jackman, Mithila Mahesh, Ian James
Received: December 12, 2018; Published: February 12, 2019; doi:10.21926/obm.geriatr.1901032


Do Social Isolation and Loneliness Kill People with Alzheimer's Disease?

Yoram Barak, Paul Glue
Received: October 04, 2018; Published: November 27, 2018; doi:10.21926/obm.geriatr.1804021