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The Multigenerational Legacy of Diabetes and Illness Perception: Influence on Older Adult’s Stigma

Received: 03 February 2024;  Published: 29 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402280


There is not enough information regarding the impact of stigma associated with a. diagnosis of diabetes in aging older adults. Perceptions of diabetes are passed down generationally and may be influenced by mainstream societal perceptions at the time the perception is shaped. This is known as a multigenerational legacy of diabetes for those with whom the perceptions are shaped within families when a hereditarily predisposed condition occurs. In this study, participants over the age of (n = 88) 60 years old were adm [...]

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Open Access Review

Exploration of Dementia Help Seeking Behaviours Amongst UK South Asian Communities: A Systematic Review

Received: 03 March 2024;  Published: 10 May 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402279


In the UK, 25,000 people from ethnic minority background live with dementia. Although dementia associated risk factors are common amongst South Asians, they tend to present at services later and when in crisis. This review explores UK South Asian communities perception of dementia to understand factors impacting their decision to seek help. Search terms assisted by the PICO strategy were inputted into five databases and ten qualitative papers identified. Meta-ethnography methodological framework was implemented for [...]

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Open Access Research Article

Characteristics of Elder Abuse Perpetrators by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity of the Abused: Findings from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging

Received: 20 December 2023;  Published: 16 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402278


Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) older adults may be more vulnerable to elder abuse (EA) due to prior marginalization and trauma, lifelong discrimination, and health disparities. While characteristics of both victims and perpetrators can modify the risk for EA, few studies have focused on perpetrators. This study examined the number and type of perpetrator-victim relationships and perpetrator profiles for EA experienced in the prior year, by abuse type and sexual orientation and gender identity of the abused. Data [...]

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Open Access Review

Osteoporosis Etiology, Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Diet, and Treatment: A Narrative Review

Received: 26 December 2022;  Published: 09 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402277


This narrative review aimed to select, gather, and present inclusive evidence about osteoporosis etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, diet, and treatment. We searched PubMed and Google using these terms: osteoporosis AND etiology, osteoporosis AND epidemiology, osteoporosis AND diagnosis, osteoporosis AND diet, and osteoporosis AND treatment. Each title of the extracted manuscripts was read first. If deemed suitable, the abstracts of the manuscripts and text were read carefully. Afterward, the details of each term we [...]

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Open Access Review

Andropause: A Neglected Disease Entity

Received: 11 January 2024;  Published: 03 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402276


This review aims to bring attention to the growing issue of andropause, a condition that affects men as they age. The literature was identified by searching the major bibliographic databases, including PubMed, Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, Web of Science, and CINAHL. Studies were included if they focused on strategies for reducing and preventing andropause, published between 1980 and 2023. Andropause, which is often overlooked and misconceived, is the result of a decrease in testosterone production and can result in p [...]

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Open Access Perspective

Leveraging Existing Abilities in Dementia (LEAD™): Changing the Way Rehabilitation Professionals Care for Persons Living with Dementia

Received: 08 December 2023;  Published: 03 April 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2402275


Latest estimates indicate that 5-7% of the population are living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias worldwide with a doubling in incidence expected every 20 years. Rehabilitation professionals are challenged with the complex needs of these patients. It is commonly thought that patients with dementia do not benefit from rehabilitation because of cognitive decline, behaviors, lack of communication, or difficulties in learning; however, current literature indicates this is not accurate. With proper knowled [...]

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Open Access Research Article

What Do We Know about an Invisible Issue? Results of a Scoping Review of Elder Abuse and Gender and Sexual Minorities

Received: 04 January 2024;  Published: 18 March 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2401274


Elder abuse occurs to older adults who are members of gender and sexual minorities (GSM). Whilst most of that abuse is similar to that experienced by their heterosexual and cisgender peers GSM older adults face particular vulnerabilities due to their life experiences and changes. In this article we report on our findings from a literature search and knowledge synthesis, conducted as part of a larger project to inform Canadian policy makers working to eliminate gender and sexuality-based inequalities. The review inc [...]

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Open Access Review

Impact of Sex and Gender Differences on Heart Failure, Especially in Elderly Patients

Received: 27 December 2023;  Published: 11 March 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2401273


Heart failure is one of the major health threats in Western societies, and its prevalence is steadily increasing. Many data show the important impact of sex (biological) and gender (sociocultural) differences on most aspects (diagnosis, etiology, treatments, and outcomes) of heart failure. For example, compared to men, women with heart failure are older, have more co-morbidities, and develop different phenotypes of heart failure. Postpartum cardiopathy is unique in women. The iatrogenic effects of cancer therapies [...]

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Open Access Research Article

Resilience and Adaptability of Older Adults: Findings from the COVID-19 Impact Survey

Received: 08 January 2024;  Published: 06 March 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2401272


The COVID-19 pandemic caused abrupt changes in daily routines, social connections, and ways of life. It is yet unknown the full impacts these extended changes have had on the long-term mental well-being of those who shared this global experience. As a contribution to our overall understanding of this phenomena, this study explored the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental well-being of older adults in the Southern United States. Secondary data analyses were performed using the COVID-19 Emotional Impact Sur [...]

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Open Access Review

Trajectories and Status of Transgender Elderly Across the World and in Spain: A Narrative Review

Received: 06 November 2023;  Published: 27 February 2024;  doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2401271


Older trans people have been largely unaddressed both in the context of the LGBTIQ+ community and in studies on geriatrics and aging. This literature review compiles up-to-date information on transgender elders, providing a summary of the Spanish historical context in which trans people have been raised, and analyzes the areas in which to center possible courses of action and research on a global scale. The themes tackled are the presence of victimization and violence; the effects of medical transition, taking into [...]

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