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Special Issue

Photocatalysis for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Submission Deadline: February 28, 2022 (Open) Submit Now

Guest Editor

Javier Rivas

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Physical Chemistry, University of Extremadura, Avda. Elvas 06006 Badajoz Spain;

University Institute of Water, Climate Change and Sustainability (IACYS), University of Extremadura, Avda. de la Investigación 06006 Badajoz Spain

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Research interests: Photocatalysis; climate change; sustainability; wastewater; water treatment; catalysts; physical chemistry; photocatalysts

About This Topic

Likely, water scarcity is going to be the seed of future world conflicts. This perception can be observed at present in different parts on Earth. Water recycling seems to be crucial in avoiding future tensions. Water reuse has been stablished in several countries, with especial emphasis in those regions where water scarcity is an overwhelming problem. It is evident, that reclaimed wastewater must be obtained by an efficient and sustainable process, taking into account the economy of the technology and the environmental consequences of its application. Under this scenario, the application of photocatalysis in water and wastewater treatment is able of combining both aspects, provided that economical and effective radiation sources and catalysts are utilized. The special issue on “Photocatalysis for Water and Wastewater Treatment” brings the opportunity to compile original research works focused on the development of promising strategies, in the field of photocatalysis. Studies based on the development of new photocatalytic materials, reactor design, kinetic modelling approaches, scaling up plants, treatment and management of real effluents, etc. are welcome.