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Special Issue

Clinical Exome Sequencing for Genetic Identification of Mendelian Disorders

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Guest Editor

Edoardo Errichiello, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medical Genetics, Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Pavia. Via Forlanini 14, 27100, Pavia, Italy

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Research Interests: Medical genetics; Cancer genetics; Rare diseases; Cytogenomics; Next generation sequencing

About This Topic

The landscape of genetic diagnostic testing has changed dramatically with the introduction of the clinical exome sequencing, particularly in nonspecific or heterogeneous phenotypes. The main focus of this issue is to highlight the role of clinical exome sequencing not just in postnatal (including cancer syndromes), but also in prenatal (and perinatal) settings, as well as its potentiality in phenotypic expansion and personalised medicine. One secondary target would also be the development of analytical pipelines for the identification of hypomorphic variants and structural variants, including Copy Number Variations (CNVs).