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OBM Transplantation , Volume 7 , Issue 3 (2023)

Pages: 91

Published: November 2023

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Cover story: Thrombotic microangiopathy in kidney transplant recipients is uncommon and difficult to manage, often with poor graft outcomes. This is a complex and interesting case of an older, highly sensitised kidney transplant recipient with de novo post-transplant thrombotic microangiopathy in the setting of antibody mediated rejection, tacrolimus toxicity, cytomegalovirus infection and anti-SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination leading to rapid, irrecoverable graft loss.View this paper.

Volume 7,Issue 3

Open Access Original Research

A Urinary Proteomics Approach to Predict Treatment Response in Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection

Received: 12 July 2023;  Published: 25 September 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303196


Acute antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) is a severe complication affecting kidney allografts' long-term survival. Timely detection and appropriate treatment of AMR are crucial for improving graft outcomes. This study aimed to discover non-invasive urinary biomarkers that can predict the response to therapy in patients with AMR. Materials and Methods: In this case-control study, urine samples from 21 biopsy-proven AMR patients underwent proteomics using label-free quantification. The patients wer [...]

Open Access Research Article

Oral Versus Intravenous Anti-CMV Preemptive Strategies in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Patients with CMV Reactivation: Experience from the National Center of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Tunis, Tunisia

Received: 12 April 2023;  Published: 12 September 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303195


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is a common and severe complication following allogeneic stem cell transplantation (ASCT) and requires effective preemptive antiviral therapy. Both oral and intravenous (IV) antiviral agents effectively reduce CMV viral load and achieve viral clearance. Studies comparing oral and IV anti-CMV preemptive treatment in ASCT patients with CMV reactivation showed a potential difference in treatment response and safety profiles between the two administration routes. We r [...]

Open Access Case Report

A Rare and Complex Case of Multifactorial Thrombotic Microangiopathy in A Kidney Transplant Recipient: Interplay Between Antibody Mediated Rejection, Tacrolimus Toxicity, Cytomegalovirus Disease and BNT162b2mRNA Vaccine

Received: 11 May 2023;  Published: 04 September 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303194


Thrombotic microangiopathy (TMA) in kidney transplant recipients is uncommon and difficult to manage, often with poor graft outcomes [1]. This is a complex and interesting case of an older, highly sensitised kidney transplant recipient who presented with de novo post-transplant TMA in the setting of antibody mediated rejection (ABMR), with other drivers being tacrolimus toxicity, cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection and anti-SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination. This led to rapid [...]

Open Access Original Research

Lung Transplantation for COVID-19 Related Lung Disease: A Follow-Up Study of Outcomes from a Medium-Size Lung Transplant Programd

Received: 01 May 2023;  Published: 17 July 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303193


In the United States of America, COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and post-COVID pulmonary fibrosis (PCPF) are raising indications for lung transplant (LT). Another indication for LT is underlying fibrosis with SARS-CoV-2 induced interstitial lung disease exacerbation or rapid progressing fibrosis. Only a few centers have reported on their long-term outcomes after LT for COVID-19. Single center retrospective chart review of patients transplanted for COVID-19 related lung disea [...]

Open Access Review

BK Virus Infection and Its Management in Renal Transplantation: An Update

Received: 10 April 2023;  Published: 14 July 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303192


BK virus (BKV) is a common opportunistic pathogen in kidney transplant recipients and one of the most challenging causes of allograft dysfunction and loss. Although over-immunosuppression remains the primary risk factor for BKV infection after transplantation, male gender, older recipient age, prior rejection episodes, degree of human leukocyte antigen mismatching, prolonged cold ischemia time, BK virus serostatus and ureteral stent placement have all been im [...]

Open Access Original Research

Identification of Potential Predictive and Diagnostic Urinary Biomarkers for Acute Rejection in Renal Transplant Recipients: A Proteomics Study

Received: 25 May 2023;  Published: 07 July 2023;  doi: 10.21926/obm.transplant.2303191


Acute rejection (AR) is one of the main predictors of long-term survival of allograft. The development of noninvasive diagnostic biomarkers of AR is an unmet need for the timely detection. This study aimed to identify novel detective biomarkers of AR by analyzing the urine proteome profile of transplant patients. Forty-two transplant patients including 30 biopsy-proven AR patients (including antibody and T-cell mediated rejection) and 12 transplant patients with stable renal function (control gr [...]