Catalysis Research is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal published quarterly online by LIDSEN Publishing Inc. This periodical is devoted to publishing high-quality papers that describe the most significant and cutting-edge research in all areas of catalysts and catalyzed reactions. Its aim is to provide timely, authoritative introductions to current thinking, developments and research in carefully selected topics.

Topics contain but are not limited to:

  • Photocatalysis
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Environmental catalysis
  • Biocatalysis, enzymes, enzyme catalysis
  • Catalysis for biomass conversion
  • Organocatalysis, catalysis in organic and polymer chemistry
  • Nanostructured Catalysts
  • Catalytic materials
  • Computational catalysis
  • Kinetics of catalytic reactions

It publishes a variety of article types: original research, review, communication, opinion, study protocol, comment, conference report, technical note, book review, etc.

There is no restriction on paper length, provided that the text is concise and comprehensive. Authors should present their results in as much detail as possible, as reviewers are encouraged to emphasize scientific rigor and reproducibility.

Free Publication in 2022
Current Issue: 2022  Archive: 2021

Reviewer Board (19)

Prabhu Azhagapillai, PhD, Research Scientist

Khalifa University

Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis; Porous materials; CO2 capture; Hydrogen & methane storage; Renewable energy; Hybrid materials; Gas processing

Herme G. Baldovi, PhD, Research Assistant

Department of Chemistry, Universitat Politècnicade València

Research Interests: Photochemistry; Photocatalysis; Nanomaterials; Water splitting; CO2 reduction; Environmental chemistry

Andrew C. Chien, PhD, Assistant Professor

Dept. Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis; Fuel cell; Energy conversion

Marcio Jose da Silva, PhD, Associate Professor

Federal University of Viçosa

Research Interests: Homogenous catalysis; Heterogeneous catalysis; Heteropolyacid catalysts; Biomass; Biofuels

Vasudevan Dhayalan, PhD, Ramanujan Faculty

National Institute of Technology Puducherry, Department of Chemistry, Karaikal, India 

Research Interests: Asymmetric catalysis; Metal catalysis; Organocatalysis; Photoredox catalysis; Lewis acid catalysis; Organometallic chemistry and Synthetic organic chemistry 

Rodrigo Díaz-Espinoza, PhD, Assistant Professor

Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Research Interests: Biophysics; Biochemistry; Protein aggregation; Molecular evolution; Prebiotic chemistry

Ramesh Saudagar Ghogare, PhD, Assistant Professor

B.N.N. College Bhiwandi Dist. Thane (MH), affiliated with University of Mumbai

Research Interests: Heterocyclic chemistry; Green synthesis; Natural products; catalysis; Medicinal chemistry

João Fernando Pereira Gomes, PhD, Professor Coordenador com Agregação

ISEL - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal and CERENA - Centro de Ambiente e Recursos Naturais, Lisboa, Portugal

Research Interests: Clean energy; Heterogeneous catalysis; Clean processes; Biofuels; Biodiesel; Electrolysis; Synthesis gas

Jun Young Kim, PhD

1: Chief of Fuel Cell Materials R&D Group, Reearch & Development Division, KOLON INDUSTRIES, INC.

2: KOLON One&Only Tower, 110 Magokdong-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07793, Republic of Korea

Research Interests: Fuel cell; Electrocatalysts; Polymer electrolyte membrane; Membrane-electrode assembly; The related materials Science and Engineering

Man-Bo Li, PhD, Professor

Institute of Physical Science and Information Technology, Anhui University, Hefei 230601 (P. R. China)

Research Interests: Transition metal catalysis; Metal nanocluster

Eng. Eugenio Meloni, PhD

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno

Research Interests: Hydrogen production; Reforming processes; Microwaves; Electrification; Process intensification; Non-thermal plasma; Structured catalysts; Diesel particulate filters; CO2

Muthukumar Muthuchamy, PhD, Professor

Department of Environmental Sciences, School of Earth Science Systems, Central University of Kerala, Tejaswini Hills, Periye, Kasaragod - 671 320, Kerala, India

Research Interests: Water and wastewater treatment; Electrochemical; Ozonation; Photocatalytic; Electrocatalytic processes

Cristiane Pilissao, PhD, Professor

Departamento de Química e Biologia, Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil

Research Interests: Lipases; Immobilization on different supports including nanomaterials; Obtaining asymmetric compounds

Sakthivel Rajamohan, PhD, Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Research Interests: Alternative Fuel, Biomass Energy Conversion Technology, Fuel Stability Analysis, Combustion Simulation, Emission Reduction Strategies

Senthil Kumaran Selvaraj, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Manufacturing Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC), Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore-632014, Tamil Nadu, India

Research Interests: Advance solid-state welding process; Additive manufacturing; Brake materials formulation; Materials and metallurgy; Composite materials and Quality management; Unconventional machining process; Optimization; Material characterization and Mechanical behavior of material

Prasanna D. Shivaramu, PhD, Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Sciences, Visvesvaraya Technological University

Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur-562101, India

Research Interests: Nanomaterals; Catalysis; Organic transformations; Medicinal chemistry; Heterocyclic molecules; photocatalysts

Minoo Tasbihi, PhD, Assistant professor

Department of Chemistry, Technical University Berlin, Straße des 17, Juni 124, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Research Interests: Photocatalysis; Wastewater treatment; Air purification; Photocatalyst materials

Urszula Ulkowska, PhD

Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry

Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis; Metal oxides; Dehydrogenation of cyclohexanol; Transfer hydrogenation; Acid-base properties of solids

Sivamurugan Vajiravelu, PhD

PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600 030, India

Research Interests: Organic Synthesis; Multi component heterocyclic synthesis Catalysis; Zeolite, Clay and MCM-41 materials for organic transformation Natural Products; Isolation and structural elucidation Solid waste management; polymer degradation; PET polymer