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Special Issue

Obesity, Sustainable Nutrition and Health

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024 (Open) Submit Now

Guest Editor

Korach-André Marion, PhD, Associate Professor

Consultant and Experte in Nutrition, FoodFacts Start-Up, Stockholm, Sweden

Website | E-Mail

Research interests: Sustainable Nutrition, Health, Sex Differences, Nutrigenomics

About This Topic

Obesity is a complex disease involving excess body fat that in turn increases the risk of developing other diseases, such as cardiovascular and heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Notably, experts and researchers underscore the global impact of unbalanced nutrition and dysregulated metabolisms, identifying them as primary contributors to mortality on a worldwide scale. Despite decades of dedicated efforts in the realms of preventive nutrition and dietary guidelines, the prevalence of obesity-associated chronic diseases continues to increase worldwide. body weight is influenced by an intricate interplay of genetics, behavior, metabolism, daily calorie intake, physical activity, and hormones.

However, a recent wealth of evidence establishes a strong positive correlation between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and the manifestation of excess body weight. Within the scientific discourse on obesity, diet emerges as a pivotal factor in its pathogenesis. The focal objective of this special issue is to elucidate the physiological underpinnings of obesity, serving as a knowledge repository that fosters an understanding of its causes and effects. Empowered by a robust corpus of scientific data, it becomes evident that the significance of the food matrix rivals that of food composition in the risk profile for developing metabolic complications.

This special issue aims to cover a deep examination of eating patterns, encompassing facets such as food processing, food composition, and individual eating behaviors. A comprehensive understanding of these elements and their intricate relationship with obesity holds promise in mitigating the complexities inherent in this health challenge. Through this endeavor, we aim to contribute to the prevention of obesity by promoting informed and positive food choices.


Eating habits
Physical activity
Systemic Inflammation
Ultra-processed food


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